Introducing PolySpine ®

PolySpine is a customisable supportive exoskeleton for people with moderate to severe physical disabilities. It provides support to users with physical disability so that they are able to participate in rehabilitative and recreational activities; outside of their main wheelchair or accessibility equipment.

Since this father-son at home project that started the PolySpine family is growing, developments have been made and progress is under way to get PolySpine to you!

About PolySpine

Who can PolySpine help?

PolySpine is designed to be used by people with high level physical disability. PolySpine is able to help people with a range of disabilities include people with cerebral palsy, quadriplegia, muscular dystrophy, motor neuron disease and any other disabilities with similar symptomatic profiles.

Media & Support

Awards & Accreditations

Both Clint and Riley have been recognised by industry for their commitment to improving the lives of people living with a physical disability.


How Does Disability Equipment Help Movement?

Disability equipment is designed to assist people who are restricted in the way they can move, due to a physical disability. Disability equipment allows those with limited mobility to experience more independence and freedom, leading to a better quality life.

What physical disabilities can Polyspine help with?

Physical disabilities impact, either temporarily or permanently, a person’s physical capabilities and overall mobility. Polyspine is a specially designed physical disability support device, intended to assist in the mobility of people with some physical disabilities. Below is some brief information about just some of the disabilities that Polyspine disability equipment may be able to help contribute additional mobility opportunities for.

PolySpine is making headlines on ABC News!

Riley and Clint were recently interviewed by ABC News about Polyspine and their goal to make the world more accessible for people suffering from severe physical disabilities. Nadia Daly brought the inspirational story to light, sharing how PolySpine has evolved from a humble idea between father and son, to a working prototype that could one day change the lives of millions of people worldwide.