Designing a Solution

Polyspine is intentionally designed to be a lightweight, portable device aimed at a no fuss approach to creating an accessible environment. Fabric spine covers can be swapped out with ease when needed and our unique chest harness design completes this custom fitting brace.

Our spines comprise of seven well balanced plastic injection moulded components which are modular in form. These individual pieces are locked into position with minimal 316 stainless steel hardware. This material choice means Polyspine is water friendly and when combined with a neoprene spine cover, opens up the door to a range of water-based activities.

This product concept and design is a world first. It encourages a new way of thinking within the disability sector and creates an environment which promotes inclusion.

Customisable Supportive Exoskeleton

Our patented interlocking vertebrae comprise of a hollowed out cogging method allowing for simple, user-friendly assembly. This results in a versatile shaping method in which therapists can easily make allowances for existing hip or torso braces worn by their clients.

Our modular plastic components allow for Polyspine to grow with the wearer, by simply adding more segments. If the individuals back shape and head position change over time due to their condition, this brace can be re-configured to allow for these changes with no additional parts required.
Polyspine is not a ridged device and has been designed in a way that it allows for a certain amount of flex within the internal cogs and structure as a whole.

Our mounting hardware and bracket design purposely compliment this feature by allowing the bottom mounting point of the spine to slide if required. This feature may be needed if the users body extends backwards due to their condition or high tone.

This all takes place without giving way to the form or shape of the exoskeleton.