A Design Propelled by a Need

The team behind PolySpine believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience what the world has to offer. We want to enable you to experience new activities.

Riley was born with Grade 5 Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, with Dystonic Movements, and needs physical support for his upper body and head. Clint and Riley’s family, friends and community have always been inclusive and made sure Riley has every opportunity to experience new activities. Unfortunately, due to the environment around him, this is not always possible. Clint’s determination, innovative ability and talent allowed him to create the solution to allow Riley to participate in various activities at his best ability.

This is How PolySpine was Born!

A powerful father-son relationship, and an eye for innovation. The two worked together to create a solution that provides people with moderate to severe physical disability with torso and head support, and enable them to participate in new physical activities. Since this father-son at home project that started the PolySpine family is growing, developments have been made and progress is under way to get PolySpine to you!